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It's no secret that video is a powerful tool for brands to attract new audiences and engage with current customers. Given its power, video marketing is the future of content marketing.

Video marketing statistics show that video content outperforms other mediums in nearly every aspect of marketing, from lead generation to customer satisfaction to brand awareness. In addition, video has become the most popular way on social media, and the number is expected to rise in 2024! Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in video in 2024 and the benefits of video.

1. Video Builds Trust

95% of customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than reading about it. While text and photos help build trust in products or services, video goes above and beyond in demonstrating how something works, how people talk, if they are authentic and what to really expect from a product or a company. It creates an emotional connection with audiences to increase brand awareness.

Interview setup for marketing video

2. Search Engines Find Video

Video continues to get more attention from search engines like Google, YouTube, etc. Video now accounts for nearly half of all searches. Although video content can be found on several video hosting sites, video is much more likely to be organically discovered through search engines.

Behind the camera of a marketing video production for one of my clients in 2023.

3. Video Is The Best Way To Communicate Ideas

If you want to engage people and get their attention, videography is the best way. The video format is very effective to put ideas in a nutshell and present them in an entertaining format that people are excited to watch. Video can vary from a simple explanation about something on your company's YouTube channel to a big commercial production.

4. Video Has High Engagement

Video has high engagement rates with viewers, which is important for brands looking to help their audience learn about them and stay up-to-date on happenings. With video hosting sites like YouTube, you can upload video content that people are more likely to watch again and again! There are also video analytics tools that show how often users are watching videos as well as the average amount of time they're viewing the video. This means that video helps engage audiences longer than other mediums.

5. Video Remains Relevant Over Time

While video can be used to communicate ideas engagingly, video helps brands remain relevant over the long run. People may not read or share content when they first see it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. However, when a video is shared later on these sites, video is more likely to be watched and shared, thus keeping your brand top of mind in video marketing.


Video is the future of marketing as it is growing in every aspect. This makes video production a powerful medium to engage audiences and build trust. Given video's ability to help with brand awareness, video is the best way for consumers to interact with companies and learn more about them than with other mediums. And lastly, video has high engagement rates, and hosting sites like YouTube make it easy for users to watch the video again and again. Therefore, investing in video is also going to benefit your brand moving forward. It almost doesn't matter what your goal with your video is. More important is that it is well made so that it helps the audience reach that goal and you don't loose them half way.

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